Business Partners

Services to Business Partners

We exert extreme effort to successfully represent, promote and develop the businesses of our international principals within Kuwait. Services and support provided by KYF are administrative, commercial, operational and financial.

commercially, KYF thrives to raise market awareness about its principals’ products and services. It identifies potential clients and highlights types of services and products these clients require and the basis upon which its principal will potentially work with these clients. Subsequently, KYF will ensures its principals receive all required information about qualifying at various potential clients organizations. KYF follows up the qualification process from start to end and communicates to its principals the status of their submittal.

KYF’s principals are provided with market knowledge and updates regarding upcoming tenders, the competition and previous tenders results. Further, KYF facilitates for its principals meetings with clients at various levels. During project bidding, we endeavor to assist our principals with local knowledge and information, that would ultimately support them in winning projects.

KYF provides unprecedented support to ensure that its principals receive payments from clients in due time. Moreover, due to its relationships with the financial sector in Kuwait, KYF is able to provide assistance in working with banks in Kuwait.

KYF works with its principals to further strengthen their relationship through the establishment of joint ventures between KYF and the respective principal in Kuwait allowing its principals to have permanent presence in country, which shall eventually reduce the cost of operations. These joint ventures include building manufacturing and assembly facilities and operational offices.

KYF’s principals are provided with a prompt service for all requests with regards to issuance of visit and work visas, accommodation and transportation arrangements and other services, which are required by its principals employees and representatives.