About Us

Emerging from a distinguished family in the business arena, KYF developed to become a leader in the area of trading and contracting within Kuwait and a favorable business partner to various international companies and local clients. Dedication, enthusiasm and ethical approach define KYF’s operation methodology.

KYF operates in the oil & gas value chain, power, infrastructure and other industries, through representing and partnering with and supplying from renowned international manufacturers, contractors and services providers. Its portfolio of products include oilfield equipment, industrial equipment and building material.

KYF’s breadth of capabilities include a phenomenal market intelligence, extended marketing and sales capabilities and technical knowhow of the products and services. KYF provides its principals with extensive support during project bidding and contract negotiations, and subsequently offer continuous support during contract execution, which includes administrative, human resources and other assistance that may be required.

KYF ensures that it is always abreast the market and fully aware of the latest developments regarding clients’ strategies, contracts and upcoming projects in order to alert its principals and align its resources to win these projects.