About KYF Group


Al-Fulaij Family is one of the distinguished merchant families in the gulf region, since the 1800’s. The late Mr. Yousef A. Al-Fulaij, father of the founder of KYF, was one of the prominent figures in Kuwait before and after the discovery of oil. Like other Kuwaiti merchant families, Al-Fulaij family was involved heavily in the trade between Iraq, Kuwait, Dubai, India and East Africa.

Further, the late Mr. Yousef A. Al-Fulaij has helped heavily in the transformation of Kuwait to become the most developed country within the region during mid of 1900’s. He was founder and board member of various companies and organizations such as the National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Oil Tankers Company, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait Cinema Company, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce, Kuwait Red Crescent, Kuwait Municipality and many others.

Following the footsteps of his ancestors, Mr. Khalid Y. Al-Fulaij had a vision of establishing his wholly owned company since his graduation from Tulsa University in 1975. However, at the start of his career, he elected to accept employment at Kuwait Oil Company.

Within few years Mr. Al-Fulaij was preferred to hold the position of Deputy Managing Director of Kuwait Oil Company, the largest national oil company in Kuwait. And immediately after liberation of Kuwait and at a time where major reconstruction of the Petroleum Industry in Kuwait, Mr. Al-Fulaij was nominated as Chairman and Managing Director of Kuwait Oil Company.

In 1998 Mr. Al-Fulaij retired and took over the responsibility of the family business. Alongside that, in 1999 he took his first steps towards achieving his dream, establishing his own company and introducing the KYF logo as a strong and reputed symbol in the business arena.

With a fresh start supported by an unsurpassed experience of its chairman and strong family history, KYF was able, within the first 3 years of its operations, to enter into over 30 agreements with international companies, from different nationalities and with various products and services to offer, to represent them in Kuwait. These companies were granted the full support of KYF.

Since its establishment, KYF believed that the relationships with its principals are long-term relations, and the success of these principals is ultimately the success of KYF. As a result, most principals have continued their successful relationship with KYF.

Further, KYF proudly stresses that some relationships with its international principals have been extended into the development of joint ventures and establishment of permanent offices for these companies in Kuwait.